18 National Geography Standards

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18 National Geography Standards

Standard 1: Focuses on how to intrepret and understand maps. This is a map of the US-Mexico border. Source: http://www.cerc.usgs.gov/fcc/printmaps.htm

Standard 2: Focuses on being able to use and draw mental maps. This is a mental map that I drew of the trip I take home from school.

Standard 3: Focuses on the way people migrate on earth, and why they live where they live. This is an image of the percent of Mexican born per state. Source: http://www.migrationpolicy.org/sites/default/files/source_charts/map2-spot-apr08.cfm

Standard 4: Focuses on the physical and human characteristics of a place. These images show the plants and economic aspect around the US-Mexico border. Source: http://olsonfarlow.photoshelter.com/image/I0000113VPrgdj5s ' http://www.ehow.com/list_7392333_native-

18 National Geography Standards

Standard 5: Focuses on how the earth has regions to interpret its complexity. This is an image that shows the US-Mexico border as a Formal Region.

Standard 6: Focuses on how culture and experience influence peoples' perception of places. This is a picture of myself, I have a different perception then other people.

Standard 7: Focuses on the physical processes that shape the earth. This is an image I took of the Grand Canyon, a well known landmark in Arizona and the world. Source: http://maps.google.com

Standard 8: Focuses on the distrubtuition of ecosystems on the Earth's surface.Standard 9: Focuses on how the population distributes on the Earth's surface. This is an image of population compared to size of an area. Source: http://world.bymap.org/LandArea.html

Standard 10: Focuses on the different cultures throughout the Earth. This is an image of the Catholic Pope. Most people along the US-Mexico border are of Catholic faith. Source: http://mumbailaity.wordpress.com

Standard 11: Focuses on the interdepence that different populations have on eachother economically. This is an image of maquiladora between US- Mexico. Source: http://gameofroles.wordpress.com

Standard 12: Focuses on the process for human settlement. This is an image of Tombstone, AZ a town settled for it's mining ability. Source: http://www.tombstoneweb.com/history.html

Standard 13: Focuses on cooperation and conflict between populations on the Earth's surface. Drug cartels are a major problem for both US and Mexico.

Standard 14: Focuses on how humans modify the environment. This is an image of Chandler, AZ and the new additions to the city over the years.

Standard 15: Focuses on how physical systems effect human systems. In AZ we experience flash flooding which can cause major damage. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org

Standard 16: Focuses on how the population uses the Earth for resources. This is an image of a mine in AZ that I took using http://maps.google.com

Standard 17: Focuses on how to use geography to intrepret the past. This is an early map of Arizona territory, where you can see reason for settlements. Source: http://arizonaexperience.org/remember/featured-exhibit-minerals

Standard 18: Focuses on how geography is apart of our every day life and how we can use it to intrepret past, present, and future.


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