18 National Geography Standards (part two)

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18 National Geography Standards (part two)

18 National Geography Standards (continued)

Standard 9:Human population on Earth's Surface.The image to the right shows the lanuage diversity in North and South America.Source: http://education.nationalgeographic.com/education/mapping/interactive-map/?ar_a=1

Standard 10: Cultural mosaicsthe image below is an examp of a cultural belief that there was an angel watching over the soldiers in the Mexican-American War

Source: http://figures.boundless.com/2375/full/american-progress.jpe

Standard 11: Patterns and Networks of Economic inderdependance.Image to the left shows Mexico's trade

Source: http://www.datamyne.com/multisite/wp-content/files/2011/08/PIE-Mexican-Import-Sources1.jpg

Standard 12: Processes, Patterns, and Functions of Human Development.

Bisbee, AZ copper mine. source: http://www.cozyjamble.com/wp-content/gallery/post-pics/bisbeelavenderpit.jpg

Standard 13: Cooperation and Conflict. EX. Mexican and U.S. government are working together to fix border patrol problems.Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/26/world/americas/26border.html?_r=0

Standard 14: Human Modification of the Environment. Ex. Humans have destroyed the environment by putting pollution in the air and not caring about the Earth. One way to fix this problem is to recycle!

Standard 15: Physical Systems Affect Human Systems. Hurricane Katrina destroyed many homes and famililes


Standard 16: Resource Geography.Ex. today you see parking lots and roof tops covered in solar panels to save engery

source: http://newscenter.lbl.gov/wp-content/uploads/solar-panels.jpg

Standard 17: Apply Geography to interpret the past. To the right is an image showing the Indian Reservations in Arizona, before they were taken over. Source: http://cronkitenews.asu.edu/assets/images/12/04/11-tribal-map-full.jpg

Standard 18: Apply Geography to Plan the Future. Ex. Think ahead to when you have a family. What geographical aspects would you want in the neighborhood and around you for you and your family? I know I would want a park and a rec. center


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