1790 - 1815 A.C.

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1790 - 1815 A.C.


During the 1790's - 1815's many cultural events happened. Woman had a big part in the war of 1812, the had to take over the mens job while they were gone so they were scheduled to make the uniforms that the men were having to wear. That didnt stop them from making more womens clothing and making many costumes for plays that they would attend.

Some common accessories women would wear were bonnets, gloves, fans, kashmir shawls, etc. Men would wear caps, cuffs, and usually carry a small pocket sized clock with them.


1790 - 1815 A.C.


During the 19th century the empire style was very popular. Woman wore many different types of silhouettes but the tublar silhouette seemed to be more popular than others. Silk tublar dresses were also becoming very common. Some people who influenced fashion were Queen Victoria , Lord Spencer, etc.


Beliefs and values



Eli Whitney was the inventor of the cotton gin, which ,made it easier to seperate the seeds from the cotton. Sewing machines hadn'tbeen created yet so clothing was made by hand, or even some weathly men and women would get their clothing taliored.

Childern were ordered to do chores everyday and were scheduled to work at the ages 15 and 16 so they could provide money for their families. Their were slaves during this time period so they were ordered to do what their master ordered them to do.

Some famous icons and people were Harriet Beecher Stowe, Dorothea, Phoebe Palmer, Marie Antoinette etc.

Their were a shortage of men in the 19th centry due to so many men joining the army. Many couples got married in their teens and women would live their lives as housewives. As a family children and men worked while the women stayed home to clean and provide food for when their familu returned.


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