[2015] Teddy Hanley: 1777 Timeline

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[2015] Teddy Hanley: 1777 Timeline

1777 Timeline

The Battle of Brandywine William Howe and the British launched a huge attack on George Washington and the Patriots near Chadds Ford in Delaware County.

September 11

Battles of SaratogaThe Battles of Saratoga were a series of battles that forced the British general John Burgoyne to surrender.

Paoli Massacre5,000 British soldiers launched a surprise attack on sleeping Patriots.

The Battle of GermantownThe American troops planned a four pronged attack on the British. The attack failed and the Americans were forced to leave.

September 16



September 19

September 20

October 4

Battle of the CloudsThe Battle of the Clouds is also known as the Battle of Warren, Battle of Whitehorse, or the Battle of Goshen.


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