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Social Studies
American History

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Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independenceand was not obnoxios or disliked.

Richard Henry Lee proposed independence for Virginia very grand"Lee".

Ben Franklin was instrumental in having John Adams be quiet and another person proposing freedom.

John Dickinson was a strong Loyalist, but, upset, joined the Army.

Cool, Cool Considerate Men was meant to show how stuckup the rich men were and how they relaxed away from Adams.

The Egg was about how the high heat of the "Congressional Incubator" was perfect for an "egg" nation

But Mr. Adams showed how little any of the Congressmen wanted to be directly involved with "treason"

Critical Review1776 was a great musical. It presented the Second Continental Congress in an informative yet comical way. I believe that 1776 is a great learning tool.

Slavery Slavery was a hot topic because the North relied on the ships and the South depended on the labor of Africans.

DifficultiesSome difficulties were the difference in lifestyles, the issue of tyranny, and getting James Wilson to speak up.

Debate-Is slavery wrong?-Will we call the King a tyrant?-Americans or Englishmen?-Are we commiting treason?-Will we mention God?


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