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1776: Deeper into the Revolution

1776 is a non-fiction book that goes deeper into the American Revolution, containing facts that the common U.S. citizen doesn't know. Within the pages of this exrtaordinary book, there are many pictures of the time, letters from famoous generals, as well as important but little-known documents only recently reveiled. 1776 also perfectly describes the love of country, loyalty, and extreme grit felt by all Revolutionists, citizen to soldier. 1776 focuses mainly on one of the fathers of our country, General George Washington. It follows him through desperate times, as well as wonderful victories, from his early years as a general to after the war. Washington had to face many challanges, whether it be a freezing winter or a great shortage of men. But one thing Washington did have throughout the entire war, was one simple word: Grit. From winning battle after battle against the stronger British army to never giving up when most would, it is nearly impossible to deny the amount of grit this man had, and how much he loved his country and his people. 1776 so perfectly captures the details and feeling of the American Revolution that it should be required for reading in homes and classrooms everywhere in the United States. It is a story that you can find no where else.

Good God, what brave fellows I must this day loose!- George Washington

Author David McCullough

The Battle of New York

NoTaxationWithoutRepresentation!-The American People

Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.-George Washington

I recommend this book to everyone in the class!!


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