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John Dickinson was a loyalist. Dickinson is from Pennsylvania.He was totally against John Adams in his fight for independence. John Dickinson in the end did not sign the Declaration of Independence because he was still fully against the Declaration of Independence. John Dickinson would always fight John Adams because John Dickinson did not want independence while John Adams did.

Edward Rutledge was from South Carolina. He didn't want Americans(black slaves) to be free. He wanted the money from the triangular trade. Slaves were a really big part of the triangular trade. He also thought slaves were property. He played a big part in the Continental Congress because he was the one who said that there had to be no slave act, and there ended up being no slave act, so he was happy.

James Wilson was from Pennsylvania. He was really influenced by John Dickinson because Dickinson was from Pennsylvania too. Whenever Pennsylvania needed to vote, John Wilson looked to John Dickinson for the answer or help with the conclusion. James Wilson, like John Dickinson was a loyalist, but instead of following John Dickinson and not signing the Declaration of Independence, James Wilson signed it according to his own morals.

The key points from the debate over independence are that there were many different ideas on how to govern their colonies, but when it all came down to the last piece of straw they all, except for John Dickinson, agreed on independence and signed the Declaration of Independence.Another key point about the debate over independence is that there were just too many people for each state, and there were too many people not agreeing. This is a key point because when the Declaration was introduced, there were many arguments about what they should change and why they should change it. There were just too many people who disagreed which led to many people starting arguments.

SlaverySlavery impacted the proceeding because when Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, he included the slavery proposal, which just said that slaves could no longer be property and that they are to be free and no one can have a slave. This angered Edward Rutledge which led him to sing Molasses to Rum, which talked about the triangular trade. The slaery impacted the proceedings by making the congressmen argue more which postponed independence.

Molasses to Rum is a song that is sung by Edward Rutledge. It is basically talking about the triangular trade where they trade things like molasses, rum, and slaves. Edward Rutledge sang this after the proposal on slavery, because he wants everybody to know that they get a lot of their money from the triangular trade when they trade slaves. Edward Rutledge thinks that slaves are property and he wants them to be in slavery.

John Dickinson

Mama, Look Sharp

Molasses to Rum

James Wilson

Edward Rutledge

It was so difficut to agree to the Declaration because so many people wanted to make changes to it, then once they did, then someone else had another idea, and that started a whole other argument and this cycle just kept repeating itself over and over again. When the Congressmen foind something they didn't like about the Declaration, they would speak up about it, they wouldn't just sit around and expect their problem to be solved they would tell someone. Another reason on why it was so difficult to agree to the Declaration is that there were many proposals that would turn into a debate, like the slavery proposal. Some people wanted to pass the Declaration because they thought it would be good, but some people didn't want to pass the declaration because they thought it would ruin the colonist's lives, that were controlled by the king.


Key Points

The Egg


Ben Franklin

Ben (Benjamin) Franklin was a patriot. He is from PennsylvaniaHe agreed with John Adams about the independence, but when the slavery proposal came up Ben Franklin wasn't against it, but he was saying to John Adams that they were trying to get indepependence nothing else. He thought that they had gotten off track. He is also the oldest congressmen in Congress.

Mama, Look Sharp is sung by the messenger of George Washington, the general of the army. Well what happens is that the messenger had to watch his friend die right in front of him. While his friend was dying in front of him, his friend sang a song about how he wanted to see his mom. He wanted to be cradled in his mom's arms for the last time, but in the song he said that never again will you whisper to me. What that basically meant was to tell his mom not to worry about him and to look sharp and that he will always love you.

The Egg is sung by Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams. The song talks about the Declaration of Independence, and what the national bird should be. John Adams thinks it shouls be an eagle, while Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson have other ideas like a dove, or a penguin. This song revealed information about the Continental Congress because it told us that Congress has many different ideas, but they have trouble making a final decision and agreeing.

Critical ReviewI really liked the movie, 1776. In the movie there was comedy, romance, and it told the story of what was really going through the congressmen's heads when they were arguing about the different proposals in the Declaration of Independence. I liked the movie because it didn't just tell the story of the Declaration of Independence, it told the stories of most of the congressmen. It got into detail when Abigail Adams and John Adams were speaking to each other. Then, when Thomas Jefferson's wife came to town, the wife began singing and dancing with Ben Franklin and John Adams while they were waiting for Thomas Jefferson to finish the Declaration of Independence. I liked the movie because it not only entranced me into the character's lives, but told me facts and information about what was going on at the time.


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