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This is John Adams. John Adams was very much a patriot and really wanted independence. People thought He wasvery abnoctious, but He is the one thatreally pushed independence. He made lots of colonies switch to be for independence. He representedMassechusetts and He knew that Boston was getting hit the hardest.

This is Richard Henry Lee. Richard Henry Lee was from Virginia and loved Virginia. He was also a patriot. He is the one that really got the southern colonies to be for independence because he was from Virgina, a southern colony, and was a patriot. The other southern colonies followed after him and each became for independence.

This is Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was from Virginia and was a patriot. He also was against slavery. He was a great writer and was pushed by John Adams to right the Declaration of Independence. When He wrote the Declaration of Independence He agreed to a lot of changes except for the one suggested to take out the paragraph about the king being a tyrant.

This is Ben Franklin. Ben Franklin was from Pennsylvania and was a patriot. He was John Adam's wingman. Ben helped John with a lot of his ideas and ways to get colonies to be for independence. Ben had the idea of having someone different than John proposing the idea of Independence to some colonies (Richard Henry lee). He was also the inventor of the stove.

"But Mr. Adams"This song was about how no one really wanted t0 be involved in writing the Declaration of Independence. No one wanted to do it, and John Adams was being annoying about it. He eventually persuaded Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Indepencdence.

"The Egg"This song was about the argument of what bird should represent our new

country. This song showed how much the bird will signify the country. The suggestions were an eagle, a dove, and a turkey.

"Mama Look Sharp"This song is about how little the soldiers that volunteered to be in the army get to go home and see their families. The person that sings this song is sad while singing it because they haven't seen their family in such a long time.

The difficulty of the debate on indepencence was the differences between the patriots and loyalists. The loyalists all doubted independence and were very loyal to the king. The patriots wanted to be fre form England.

The hey ponts from the debate about independence were taxes, boston, and petitions. The taxes were a big ong because the parliament was taxing the colonists a lot. Boston is a key point because Boston was definitely getting hit the hardest in thos time. Petitions is a key point because the king wouldn't listen to any of their petitions.

Slavery durring this time had two different sides: for alaveryand not for slavery. The people on the for slavery side were mostly from the south and wanted slavery because of their large pantations and trade. The people in the south thought the slaves were property while the people in the north thought they were people. The people in the north didn't need slaves that much because they didn't have large plantations.

I liked this movie because it taught me a lot about how we got our independence and how it was like to live back then. This movie was also funny at times, which made it even better.


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