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Edward Rutledge Edward Rutledge was one of the representatives from South Carolina at the Continental Congress. He supported peace over independence. To the Southern Colonies, slavery was a way of life. Therefore, he wanted to keep slavery legal in the new country. He believed that blacks were property and thought they shouldn't be called Americans.

John Adams John Adams played a big part in the independence of our country from Britain. He had great influence in congress and was willing to go to war for freedom. John was rather bossy and pigheaded. He was a friend of Benjamin Franklin and the husband of Abigail Adams.

Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin is one of the founding fathers of the United States. He was a scientist and invented the stove. All along, he was for independence from Britain. Benjamin was chosen as a delegate for Pennsylvania during the second Continental Congress.

George WashingtonGeorge Washington was the commander of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He made a big difference in the war between the patriots and the British. George led the patriots to many victories and won many important battles. He later became the first president of the United States of America.

Molasses to Rum This song is about the trade of slaves, molasses, and rum between New England and Africa. John Rutledge sings this song because he uses slavery at his colony and thinks it should be allowed in the new country. The South is for slavery and that is where John Rutledge is from.

The EggThe Egg compares the British to an eggshell and the colonists fighting for independence to the eagle inside. It talks about how the eagle is going to break free from the shell surrounding it. That means that the Americans will be free from the British and will be their own country. This song is sung by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

Mama, Look Sharp Mama, Look Sharp is about a soldier who doesn't know if he's going to die in battle. He has seen war and knows he may be killed. If he does die, he wants to see his mom before he does get killed. His comrades and people he knows are being killed.

Slavery Slavery was a major argument in the Continental Congress. The Northern colonies wanted to abolish it while the Southern colonies want to keep it. To the Southern colonies, it was a way of life. To the Northern colonies, it was morally wrong . The slaves were not given independence because it was not on the Declaration of Independence. It was not on the Declaration because the south did not agree with it.

DifficultiesSome difficulties in agreeing at the Continental Congress included whether or not to get rid of slavery, the fact that most of the colonies had to agree on one thing, whether or not to fight, the wording of the Declaration of Independence, and is all the death and fighting really worth it?

Key Points1. Did the Continental Army stand a chance against the Britsh Army?2. Is there a way to get independence without a war?3. What has King George III ever done to us?4. Will King Geroge agree to Continental Congress's petition?5. Is war the only option?

Critical ReviewI enjoyed watching 1776 during class last week. Not only was it a good movie, but I also learned a lot from it too. I learned about how hard it was for all the delegates to agree on something and how many times they changed the wording of the Declaration of Independence. The acting was good and the songs were rather catchy. One thing I didn't like about it though was that it didn't show any of the war going on and there wasn't much of a setting except for the building where the delegates had their meetings. Overall, I think it was a pretty entertaining movie.


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