13 reasons why

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13 reasons why

Hannah Bakerhannah had commited suicide recently and made 13 tapes that would be sent out to the 13 reasons why she had made her descision on suicide.

Author: Jay AsherMain Characters: Hannah Baker, Clay Jensen, Tommy Anderson



Clay JensenClay doesn't know why Hannah commited suicide. All he knows is that he's devastated about it. What most people don't know is that he had a huge crush on her. So when he gets 13 tapes in a shoebox saying that he is one of the reasons that she did it he is startled and needs to find out why. But he has to wait for his name to pop up on the long list


The theme to this book, in my opinion, is the snowball effect. When one thing happened to Hannah it caused another thing and another thing to happen until it was just this one big mess that couldn't be fixed and caused her to commit an act that she probably wouldn't have done if it wasn't for the first reason..


Clay has just recieved a shoe box fillled with 13 tapes in it. The tapes contain someone he thought he would never hear the voice of again. Hannah Baker. She had recently commited suicide and made tapes of the 13 people who are responsible. But why would Clay be on here" He had never said or done anything wrong. The only way to find out was to press play.


'' Betrayal. It's one of the worst feelings.'''' I hardly knew Hannah. I mean I wanted to. I wanted to know her more than I had the chance. We never had the chance to get closer.And not once did I yake her for granted. Not once.'''' No return engagements. No encore. And this time absoltely no requests. No I can't believe it. Hannah Baker is dead.''


The book is set in a small town (the name is not listed in the book) at a whole bunch of points listed on a map. For instance, Hannah's old house, the coffe shop, the bus, the park, the school, and parties at unknown houses.


13 Reasons Why


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