13 Colonies

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13 Colonies

CENTRAL IDEA: human mad systems influence decision makingLINES OF INQUIRY:1.human-made systems for organization2.similarities and diffrences of organization3.historical influences on human-made systems.

What are the effects of the slave trade in Africa and slavery in New York state?

Map of 13 Colonies

Giovanni de Verrazano first explored the area that is now New York in 1524 and later by Henry Hudson and Samuel de Champlain in the early 1600's. It was first settled by the Dutch in 1613, who built trading posts along the Hudson River. The Dutch named the colony New Netherland.

The 13 ColoniesFaith Mitchell

Pictures of the slave trade

Refection: This inquiry cycle about the 13 colonies has been hard because there are so many mysteries to uncover about the 13 colonies. I think that to understand this topic more I need to continue my learning about the 13 colonies and some day I can finally pass the test and fully understant the importants of the 13 colonies.


Central Idea ' Lines of Inquiry


The slave trade effected Africa in many ways. The population decreased, society was effected, homes were taken away, slaves were secluded and they were looked at as remedial. But, in New York the slaves were offered more free will which over time decreased the slave trade in Afrcia and made New York a very wealthy state.

PROPRIETARY:Delaware, Maryland and PennsylvaniaCHARTER: Connecticut, Rhode Island and MassachuusettsROYAL: New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Norht Carolina and Georgia

TYPES OF GOVERNMENT:1. Charter were allowed great deal of freedom 2. Proprietary small elite group controlling action government3. Royal appointed by the crown


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