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127 Hours timline

127 Hours timeline

The major events in 127 Hours by Aron Ralston

Time Line


Aron finds himself trapped

Aron sets up his resting position by using some of his canyoneering gear. He then goes through the steps of amputating his arm, but doesn't go through with it.

Ralston finally cuts into his arm, but his dull knife is no match for his bones.

Aron finally decides to act on his plan of cutting off his own arm. Using his knife, after breaking his own arm, he saws through the mucscle and flesh of his trapped limb. After he has freed himself, he is eventually rescued and taken to the hospital.

With three ounces of water left, Ralston opens his bottle and raisses it, but the bottle slips from his hand and spills all over the ground.

Aron Ralston is alone, canyoneering in Blue John Canyon. After leaving his new found friends, Kristi and Megan behind, he continues his descent. In a twist of events, Aron pulls a chunk of chockstone loose and traps himself when the rock tumbles. He spends an hour and a half, chipping at the chockstone with his multi-tool knife.


Aron goes through the steps of cutting off his arm


Aron stabs into his arm, but can't cut the bone



Aron spills his remaining water

Aron finally untraps himself by cutting off his arm


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