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Letter review and weekly words...This week we are going to go over the short and long vowel Oo. We will also review the vowels "a" and "i".Our weekly words this week are:am like to have see goWe are going to continue going over short "i" word families.

Math this week...We will be working on the numeral 15. We will also be reviewing the basic shapes (circle, square, oval, triangle, rectangle).

Science and Social Studies this week...Over the next few weeks we are going to be going over various gingerbread man stories. The children are going to learn about the different parts of the world/countries that the stories take place. In science we are going to review our 5 senses.

I will be at a conference Tuesday and Wednesday. Please contact me through email if you have need of me on those days. I will be back in the classroom on Thursday. I am very excited to get the opportunity to go to this conference. I will be seeing and learning about new technologies that can be used in the classroom!

Don't forget about Santa pictures on the 29th!

With cold season well on its way I need your help! We are in dire need of Clorox/baby wipes!

I will begin report card testing next week. Please look for the skills I will be testing soon. I will also post my list online.



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