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11/1 Newsletter Language Arts/ History

Writing and ReadingWe will be writing interview questions and a story of how the Iceman has come back to life. Students will be filming their interviews and doing all the editing themselves. We will then compile all the interviews for a class movie which will be available to any student who brings in a blank DVD.

Important Dates and Homework11/3 Wed Current Event: World Affairsdue and 100 reading minutes signed.11/9 Tues and 11/10 Wed are parent/teacher/student conferences. Be watching for a letter home with your scheduled time.

HistoryThe Asia map from National Geographic is here. We will be doing hands on activities with the map this week as well as some geography skills such as latitude and longitude. We are also using our research from the Neolithic Ages and the Iceman to conduct interviews with the Iceman who has "come back to life."

We will also be starting our grammar program called "Giggles in the Middle" and our word works program called "Words Their Way" concentrating on Greek and Latin roots

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