10th grade julius caesar project

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10th grade julius caesar project

*Individual* Folder Requirements: 1. Cover sheet in MLA format 2. Essay (typed and in MLA format) 3. Questions 4. Character and costume list 5. Paraphrased script 6. Research 7. Other handouts

*Group* Notebook Requirements:1. Character and costume list2. Paraphrased script for your group's act of the play3. Pictorial depictions of each scene for our Julius Caesar quilt (do NOT 3-hole punch these; they will be used separately)4. All group handouts for the play5. Group work reflection sheet6. Rubric

Group Personnel: 1. Scribe: Responsible for compiling the paraphrase (with the group's help) and all other writing-related tasks 2. Director: Responsible for arranging costumes, organizing and directing practice, and ensuring that everyone has everything needed to complete the group project. 3. Artist/Gopher: Responsible for coordinating the materials and work for the quilt, doing makeup for the acting portion of the project, and gathering materials each day during class.

Julius Caesar Project



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