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Language Arts

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Prejudice: negative attitude held by a person about the members of a particular social group.Discrimination: Treating people differently because of prejudice toward the social group to which they belongStereotype: A set of characteristics that people believe is shared by all members of a particlar social category

Includes:prejudice, descrimination, liking/loving, aggression and prosocial behavior.

Social Interaction:

Social Cognitive Theory: Prejudice is seen as an attitude that forms just as other attitudes form through direct instruction, modeling, and other social influences.Social Identity: Part of the self-concept including ones views of self as a member of a particular social categorySocial Comparison: Comparison of oneself to others in ways that raise ones self-esteemStereotype Vulnerability: The effect that peoples awareness of the stereotypes associated with their social group has on their behavior.

Prosocial Behavior: Socially desirable behavior that benefits othersAltruism: Prosocial behavior that is done with no expectation of reward and may involve the risk of harm to oneselfAggression: When one person physically/verbally hurts another. Frustration which occurs when a person is prevented from reaching a goal is called aggressive behavior.

Bystander Effect: The effect that the presence of other people has on the decision to help or not help, with help becoming less likely as the number of bystanders increasesDiffusion of Responsibility: Occuring when a person fails to take responsibility for actions or for inaction because of the presence of other people who are seen to share the responsibilty

(Social Comparison)



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