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Letter review and weekly words...This week we are going to go over the letters Ii, Ww, and Kk.Our weekly words are:see go the can we am likeOur color words this week are:black white orange

Math this week...We will be going over the numerals 12 and 13.We will also continue graphing, sorting, and counting sets to 13.Toward the end of the week we will begin writing simple addition sentences.

Social Studies and Science this week...We will continue going over bats and spiders this week. In social studies we will go over our magic words:please thanks sorryWe are also going to work on what it means to cooperate.

Our halloween party is tomorrow! If you plan on attending please be warned that parking will be VERY limited. Please plan on coming early. (:If you would like to bring happies or treats you may! The party begins at 2, and ends at 3 p.m.

My home computer had to go to the Apple doctor. ): Please be patient with my email responces. I will respond as soon as I can!



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