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Letter review and weekly words for the week...The letters we will go over this week are:Gg Dd VvOur weekly words are:like the am Our color words this week are:orange black

Math this week...We will continue reviewing our numerals 0-10 as well as the patterns AB and AAAB. I am also going to begin addition story problems this week. We will learn what the addition and equal symbol looks like, and how to form a number sentence.

Science and Social Studies this week...We are going to learning about the life cycle of pumpkins. Please consider donating a pumpkin to the class!In social studies we will be going over what a tattle is, and what makes a report.

Report cards go out this Thursday. Please make sure you keep all paperwork in the white envelope. You must send the signed envelope back to school the following day.

Your child is coming home with a wish list from the Book Fair. The Book Fair will last until this Friday. Please place any money inside the given envelope. (:

If you have not turned in your PINK room mom information sheet, please do so ASAP. They will not be able to contact you during the year without this paper.

Grandparent's lunch is this Wednesday!

All field trip permission slips and money are due next week!



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