100 years later

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100 years later




To astray from the issues thst usually occur when people in a city decide their gornment, advanced computer systems will decide who leads. A democracy will still remain and carry out their duties. The government will also put in an effort to make schools better and more fun.


By:kaitlyn White


100 years later...

100 years from now, technology will be more efficent and helpful. The internet will be faster so there will be no more buffering or loading, and the internet will have reliable answers and resources. It will also have a way to locate items you have lost (keys, remote, clothes, valuables, etc..) that you are in desparate need to find.

Education in the future will be more specialized, required, and 100% free. Students will be paid $0.50 each day they attend school. Educators will also recieve a better pay. Lastly, the schools will be very nice and palace like.

Instead of just cars and airplanes to chaueffeur people around there will also be hoverboards and jet packs as well. During they day, they will run on solar power and during the night gas. Cars will also be indestructable making car crashes no longer fatal.

100 years from now the united states will have found a way to to stop the pollution, making the air clean again. Recycling metods will be used more than throwing things away in trashcans, and there will be more ways to use waste products FOR recyling.


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