100 Years in the Future

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100 Years in the Future

100 years in the future, many things will be different. Every human will have their own personalized robotic avatar that will run errands, while the person can look and act through the robots eyes. There will also be in home hospitals to monitor our vitals as there is a raging plague running rampant throughout the world. Homes also are extremely small to accomodate the immense overpopulation of the world, and they have machines that turn CO2 emmissions into food, helping us reduce air pollution around the world, and also feeding it's inhabitants.

100 years in the future, America has taken over the world and pronounced it all under the president by democracy in America. As a result of this, there is world-wide peace. We can now conserve our money to help fund national cure research, in an effort to avoid total human annihilation fromt the plague.

As humans are all now locked away in their homes to prevent further spread of the plague, only robots travel, and they do this by clipping in to subway like machines that shuttle them from place to place aat a rate of approximaltely 800 miles per hour. Also, they mail service is no longer running so packages cannot be sent, and all mail is sent via online.

All garbage on Earth is being burned to produce power, and we use the CO2 to fuel our food machines. Water is found through running polluted and nasty environment air through a water distiller, where the correct elements are pulled out and made into clean, filtered water.



Also, the personalized robotic avatars that each person will have will be phsically present in the schools while the students are mentally present throught their robot, while able to act and control these robots. The reason for this is to keep humans in homes to prevent further spread of the plague.


100 Years in the Future




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