100 Years From Now

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by Ahoene
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Social Studies
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100 Years From Now

100 Years From Now

The government runs everything, and watches everything. They have complete control over everyone because of the micrchips that are implanted in people's brains at birth. The chips allow them to basically shut down the person's brain and take control of their body. They can see through the person's eyes, and hear what they hear. No one is safe from their control. The government basically keeps the whole country on lock down.

Background Information

The Government


The education system has been abolished because the government fears an uprising. They send approved information directly into everyone's brain through the microchips. There are no more books allowed. Anyone that tries to learn something other than what the government has approved is taken and reprogrammed. The chip in their brain is taken out and a stronger one is put back in.



Teleportation is available for governmental use only. All vehicles have been banned, and no one is allowed to leave their home town without a special permit.

There have been great advances made in technology, but none available to the public. The government uses holograms to communicate and have developed microchips that are implanted in everyone's brain and can control the person when activated.

Most of the atmosphere has burned away, and most of the world is in flames. All the former cities are now ruins, and no building stands higher than 20 feet other than the government building.


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