[2015] Mallory Daines: 100 Years From Now

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[2015] Mallory Daines: 100 Years From Now


100 years from now...


Transportation will be alot different. Everything will be quicker, and with life on mars there will have to be a way to get to and from: trains. These trains won't be your typical trains, they will be like they trains in hunger games and don't need railroad tracks to go on. Trains will go every hour to and from mars, making it about a 45 min trip to mars. Hoverboards will become the most common form of typical, everyday transportation. Kids will ride them to school and friends houses', adults to work, people to sports practices. They will (for the most part) take the place of cars.


Technology will have advanced alot and thanks to many scientists it will have been discovered how to successfully live on Mars. Earth in 100 years will be way over populated expanding life over to mars. Also, you will have the power/ option to make one clone of yourself. Alot of times people get caught up in so many things and are super busy. These clones will allow you to be two places at once. You can take away or bring back this clone whenever you want, although you will be only limited to one clone as to not overpopulate the world.


Now that their will be human life on two separate planets there will be one government for Earth and one for Mars. This will take about 100 years for all of the countries to come together to make one government, but they wil eventually agree on one combined government. The government on Mars will have a very similar structure as the one on Earth considering those people originated from Earth and are used to that system. Both Earth and Mars will have one president.

In 100 years, all children shool age will no longer go to school. Instead, every night you attatch a little monitor to your head that transfers all the information you would learn in the school day to your brain immediatey. This way nobody has to do homework! There will be little to no schools left, those buildings will be reused for something bigger and better.

By: MalloryDaines


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