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Social Studies
World War I

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100 days

During The WarThere was a series of attacks along the western front during the hundred days offensive during World War 1. Canada made many great contribution and sacrifices during the first World War. This offenisve also made Germany retreat and finaly surrender in November 1918. A large attack was planned in France in August and canadian troops moved north to Belgium. This shift made Germans think that there was going to be a major attack there. On August 8, Canada led the way by advancing 20km in three days. They started to attack. They were hoping for the war to end in 1918 so the Canadains kept up the hard work and kept attacking hard.

100 DaysBy: Mark Wilkinson and Riley Durant

After the warWhen the war was finally over from when the war started on August 8th and finally ended on November 11th. More than 100,000 Canadians advanced 130km and got approx. 32,000 prisoners and almost 3,800 weapons and machines useful in war. This war resulted in 50,000 casualities and 11,000 deaths making this one of the bloodiest and most gruesome wars ever fought.

Canadian Field Hospital

Prior to the warPrior to the Hundred Days war, the Germans were being attacked along the Western front. By July, the Central Powers were exhausted when Russia steped out of the war and open to attack. Also prior to the war the Germans wanted peace, but peace that would make Germany increase it's land into parts of Poland, Lithuania, Belgium and Luxembourg. Our Canadaian Troops did many great things and made many achievements during the three month period called "Canada's Hundred days"

Cool Facts! 1) Canada's Hundred days war was not accually 100 days long it was accually 96 days from August 8th - November 11th.2) A total of 1,070,000 people were killed, wounded or made prisoners.531,000 French 411,636 British Empire 127,000 American


Map of the Hundred days




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