10 types of weather

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10 types of weather

Thunder storm: Warm air rises and condenses into cumulonimbus clouds. When water molecules rub against each other, it creates an electrical charge, and lighting strikes.

Author: Aya Phillips

10 Weather Types

Ice Storm: Ice storms result when freezing rain accumulates to 1/4 in. Freezing rain occurs when rain droplets encounter sub-zero temeperatures.

Nor'easters:One of winter's most ferocious storms. They get their name from strong winds blowing from the northeast.

Hurricanes: Vapor rises into the air off the ocean. Swirlign air rushes in to take the place of the rising air. When clouds form, the swirling air spins it.

Tornado:air rotates because of wind shear and a fast spin creates a funnel

Dust Storm:Created by strong winds blowing over dry areas with little wildlife covering the ground.

Hail:A water droplet freezes in the atmosphere, and as it falls, it accumulates more freezing water until it reaches the ground.

Monsoons: A shift in wind direstion which causes excessive rain.

Fog:A stratus cloud, just on the ground. Formed by moist air over cold ground.

Blizzard:Usually form when the jet stream dips south, allowing cold air from the north to come in. Characterized by strong winds and low temperatures.





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