10 Technology Flaws

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10 Technology Flaws

10 Technology FlawsBy: Dylan Trimble


The Cloud

Home phones could be made better if they were simply able to be mobile phones and home phones such as a personal/home phone hybrid. also telemarketers can be blocked easily.The cloud can be improved by changing overall coding to make things less convenient but more safe over all and also it would be helpful for people to "bury" their files in the cloud. to bury something into the cloud you would make multiple files in a organized manner but make it so important info is only in a obvious place to you so that your cloud info can be safer than it would be otherwise.

Laptops issues can be solved by simply making the edges more absorbant so people can make them "retard" proof (sorry for language but its the truth). Desktops can be helped by actually getting good virus protection and cleaning things out such as downloads and other things. to help with doing this try downloading trusted and well reviewed virus protections and also make sure sites you download from either are trust worthy from prior knowledge or that the site is well reviewed.


Home Phones


View this Video for how to block telemarketers and other similar people so that your phone and home phone can be more enjoyable.

Phones in general probably have some of the most flaws ever. Whenever an update for a phone comes out it either does something really cool or breaks absolutely everything such as apps and the security settings of the phones. Everything on a phone breaks really easily such as the screen and the updates can break apps in a way that they may become in-responsive or simply useless. To fix these problems phones can be made tougher with their screens and plug areas, and also the updates for phones can be released as Beta's instead of "finished" updates so the updates can be tested.

Laptops Break to easily when being used because leaning on them or dropping them the slightest height will break the screen. Laptops are also very inconvenient for being convenient machines due to the fact that when laptops are carried they can become awkward due to the other problem of them being to fragile.

Desktops either run everything flawlessly or dont run anything well at all, there is no middle ground due to new things coming out. Desktop computers with towers get viruses to easily because virus software isnt enough to keep unknowing people from getting a very dangerous virus on their computer that has the possibility of encrypting everything on the computer.

Home phones are probably the oldest thing still around due to the fact that no one uses them. Home phones are also terrible because every telemarketer possible calls every homephone.

Too easy to hack. Information is easily found which is not good when it comes to privacy. The cloud is also very convenient to find files in which is both good and bad because people can then hack into it and find files easier then most other file systems.

The picture above of being able to access the cloud from almost any device proves that the cloud can be even less secure due to the fact that if anyone can access it on pretty much anything the devices can be used as a secretive and nearly undetectible threat to peoples information.