10 Rules of gaming at home

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10 Rules of gaming at home

10 Rules about playing Video Games at Home

Homework and school work come First.homework and school work are your priorites, once you have finished your work you could then play games, because you don't want to fall behind in school.

Have a Time Limit.By having a set time limit you donm't spend as much time on video games, insted you could by outside playing or have some family time.

Be active.Try different sports, not only will this make you healthy you will have fun and you could play with friends. You would have a balanced lifstyle.

Have Family Time.Spending time with your family is really important, not only is it fun it also bonds your family.

Playing with friends.Sometimes when it is cold outside or raining it is okay to play video games with friends, especally hands on games such as the Wii.

Read.Don't play and video games, watch any TV before bed becasue it keeps you up so you don't have an as good sleep which can effect your learing, read instead, because it helps you sleep.

Move Around.When playing video games don't sit in the same position, a teenager died because they believed he developed cardiovascular disease from sitting in the same spot for to long.

Week days.try and play video games only two days during a school week.

Ratings.Play games that are apropiriate for your age, if you are 10 you shouldn't be playing R-18 rated games.

Online.When playing online don't give anyone your adress or location because you don't know them

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