10 Properties Of Water

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10 Properties Of Water

10 Properties of Water

III. Adhesion

Adhesion occurs when there is an attraction between particles of different substances. Ex: The water particles are attracted to the rose.

Cohesion occurs when there is an attraction of particles of the same substance. Ex: The water beads are attracted to each other forming a larger bead.

II. Cohesion

V. Capillary Action

Capillary action is the ability of a liquid to move upward in narrow spaces against the force of gravity.Ex: Liquid going up through a straw.

IV. Surface Tension

Surface tension is when the surface of a liquid allows it to resist external force. Ex: A bug floating on water.

X. Density

VII. Hydrogen bonding

VI. Polar Covalent Bonds

I.Water is all 3 forms: Solid, liquid, and gas.

VIII. Universal Solvent

Hydrogen bonds is a chemical bond of a hydrogen atom attracted to an electronegative atom.Ex: H2O (water).

Water is a unerversal solvent. A solvent is a fluid that dissolves the solute. Ex: Water or milk. A solute is a substance dissolved in a solvent to form a solution. Ex: Sugar or co coa powder.


The amount of substance in a given volume. D=m/vEx: Water is less dense as a solid than a liquid so ice floats. Water density is 1.

IX. High heat capacity

Water has the highest heat capacity. The heat temperature rises by 1 degree. Ex: The water in the pond absorbs the heat but does not boil.

when 2 atoms share unequal electrons, negative ' positive charge. EX: H2O


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