10 properties of water

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10 properties of water

10 Properties of Water

Cohesion and Adhesion

Surface tension

Covalent bonds and Solvent

Ph level and density

2 Properties of water are Cohesion and Adhesion.Cohesion is the force that holds water molecules together with another water molecule. Adhesion is the force that holds water molecules with another substance that is not a water molecule.

Another property of water is it's high heat capacity. water is able to store a lot of heat before it get to it's boiling point. Capillary action is when water is able to move up in narrow spaces. Defying gravity.

Covalent bonds are the sharing electrons between water molecules. Water is also a solvent. A liquid that dissolves a solute.

High heat capcity and Capillary action

The Surface tension is when the surface of the water is able to hold of external force. An example would be a light bug able to walk on top of the water without falling into the water.

Another important property of water is the ph level. It measures how acidic or basic the water is. Above 7 on the ph scale is base, below 7 is acid and in the middle is neutral. Water also has a density. Did you know? that water in solid form is less dense that water in liquid form?! WHAT?!

Water can have 3 different forms

Water can have many different forms up to 3! There is Solid, Liquid, and Gas. Why is there 3 different forms? Its all because of the way the atoms are arranged. In solid form, water particles are in a crystal pattern so its stablized. In liquid form, the particles are moving freely to fill up the space it's given. And Gas, the particles move freely around.


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