10 Major Events in the Old Testament

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10 Major Events in the Old Testament

Moses' mother saved him from being killed by putting him in a basket and floating him down the Nile River. He was saved by the Pharoah's daughter and she raised him. He later ran away because he killed a Egyptian slavemaster whom he saw beating a Hebrew. Later, God told him to come back and rescue the Hebrews. He went back, and after 10 plagues on Egypt, the Pharoah let them leave. They left Egypt and were able to escape the Eygptians, by God parting th Red sea. They got to the other side on dry land and became free Israelites

After Moses had led the Israelited out of Egypt, they arrived at Mt. Sinai. He went up on the mountain to talk to God and recieve the 10 Comandments. He had been up there for 3 days and the people were impatient so they made a golden calf and called it Lord God. When Moses came down with the 10 Commandments he saw this and threw the 10 Commandments to the ground. He was so upset he melted the calf, put all the gold in the river and made them drink it.

10 Major Events in the Old Testament

The Golden Calf

The Exodus


Joseph was one of Jacob's sons. He was his favorite because he was the first son of a women he truly loved. He gave him a multicolored coat and his other sons became jealous. They sold him into slavery in Egypt. He was able to interprete dreams and he was able to interprete the Pharaoh's dream predicted a famine. He became the governor and saved his world. He forgave his brothers and he helped them move in with him in Egypt.

Adam and Eve were perfect. They were born without sin. The devil tempted them to eat from a tree that God told them not to. They ate it and the world was filled with sin. There actions caused everyone that ever lived (other then Mary and Jesus) to be born with sin.

The Fall

God made the entire world he created everything. In 6 days he made all the animals, all the land and seas, and the first people. He made everything perfect and the 2 people were made in his image. On the 7th day after creating everything God rested.


Abraham had a wife named Sarah. She was baran for a long time told Abraham to go sleep with her maidservant Hagar. She wanted Abraham to have a child since she couldn't give him one. Sarah became very jealous of Hagar and was extremely mean to her. She eventually told Abraham to kick Hagar and his son Ishamel out. With God's promise they would be okay, he kicked them out.

Abraham and Hagar

Abraham was the only one that beilived in God. He would do anything for God. God told him to give up his son Issac as a sacrifice to him. Abraham was willing to do it. He was ready to kill him and God told him not to at the lat minute. He had passed God's ultimate test.

Abraham's Test

Abraham's nephew Lot ran away from his camp with his wife and daugthers to Sodom and Gomora. Sodom and Gomora was a sinful and bad city. God was going to destroy the city. But because Lot was a good man, he them escape.

Lot: Sodom and Gomora

After Joseph was sold into slavery, the Pharoah's assistant'swife started to like him. She tried to seduce him, but he refused. She got upset and accussed him of trying to rape him. He was thrown into jail.

Joseph and the Pharoah's assistants wife


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