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1 Kings

Primary verse:"King David was now a very old man, and although his servants covered him with blankets, he could not keep warm."(1 Kings 1:1)Final Verse:"He worshiped and served Baal, and like his father before him, he aroused the anger of the Lord, The God of Israel."(1 Kings 22:53)

Background Information

The book of 1 kings includes 22 chapters and is a historical bible book. 1 Kings begins about 400 years after the Isrealites had escaped from slavery and speaks of the different Isrealite Monarcy that ruled until the middle of the ninth century B.C.1 Kings holds the theme of how our obedience and faithfulness to God will result in either great success or great failure.It also holds the theme that there is only one God and that you should not idolize other beings or believe in other Gods.

1 Kings begins with the death of the king of Isreal, David. His kingship is passed on to his son solomon. With wisdom granted from God Solomon becomes a very progressive and prosperous king. About 480 years after the Isrealites escaped Eygpt, Solomon began to construct a temple to thank God. The spirit of God descended upon the temple and blessed the land. Unfortunatly, Solomon fell vicim to lust and betrayed God to worship the Gods of his wives. Soon after, having provoked the wrath of the Lord, Solomon met an untimely end. After the death of Solomon a new King was appointed. Some people under the rule of the new king, disagreed with his plans and the teachings of God. At that point, because of the opposing opinions, The kindom was split into the North and South. Many different kings ruled the North and South throughout the centuries. Each one's prosperity fell as a manifestation of their devotion to God. All the kings of the North failed to obey God and all of them failed to succeed as progressive kings and all suffered downfalls due to their lack of devotion. Whereas in the South, the kings thanked and worshiped God. Their kingdoms became powerful and prosperous. The wrath of God was undisturbed.



Primary and Final Verse

1 Kings tries to relay the message that we should obey God as his blessings will lead us to successful lives. In my life I take this message and apply it in many ways. In our effort to obey God, we must try to avoid sin. In my life, to obey God, avoiding sin shows great devotion and thankfullness. I always try to follow His law and remember His divine presence in the midst of troublemaking. Another way in which the message of 1 Kings is applicaple in my life is when I attempt to question God and his teachngs. In this passage I have learned that in my life I should not question Gods teachings as they are always morally correct. The book of 1 Kings relates to our lives in many ways. In our love for God prosperity will prevail. If He who is almighty leads you to it, if you love Him, He will lead you through it.

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Summary Of 1 Kings


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