1. Intro to Billiards

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1. Intro to Billiards

Linear Momentum- A conserved vector quantity that measures an object's motion. It is the product of that object's mass times its velocity.p=mvQUANTITIES IN RED ARE VECTOR QUANTITIES

physics of billiard balls

conservation of momentum in billiard balls

Momentum is a VectorVectors are characterized by both a magnitude and a direction. Momentum of an object has the same direction as the velocity of that object.

Impulse (J)- The mechanical means for transferring momentum. One object gives an impulse to a second object for a certain amount of time. In return, the second object gives an equal but oppositely directed impulse to the first object.J= F x t(impulse= force x time)

Conserved Quantity- A physical quantity that is neither created nor destroyed within an isolated system when that system undergoes changes. A conserved quantity may pass among the objects within an isolated system, but its total amount remains constant.

Newton's Third Law of Motion:For every force that one object exerts on a second, there is an equal but oppositely directed force that the second object exerts on the first.This law helps to explain the conservation of momentum from the cue ball to the other billiard balls.

All billiard balls (except for the cue ball) should have the same mass. Numbered balls are 0.16 kg and the cue ball is usually 0.17 kg.

PHYS 100 Project by:Elari Bova, Rebecca Delk, and Amanda Ferraro


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