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Letter review and weekly words...We are going to review our vowels this week, and go over the digraphs th, ch, and sh.

Math this week...This week we are going be going over the numerals 19, 20, and 21. We will also cover, simple measurement and number lines.

Science and SocialStudies this week...We will begin our Valentine unit today. On Friday we will briefly cover the tradition of Groundhog's day.

Our Valentine exchange will be NEXT Thursday! Please bring 22 Valentines to school by that day. There is no need to put classmate names on each. JUST LET YOUR CHILD SIGN EACH VALENTINE. (:AT-HOME PROJECT:Decorate a shoe box (or any small box with a lid) with your family. We will use this box to put valentines in on Thursday. Make sure your child's name is clearly written on the box!

Our 100th day is NEXT Tuesday!Please look for a volunteer sheet in your child's folder!

Our Mardi Gras ball will be NEXT Friday! Please plan on letting your child wear a baseball hat on that day! Our costumes will be Mardi Gras baseball players!



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