1-2 Toddlers

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1-2 Toddlers


1-2 toddlers

Dental DevelopmentBaby Your Baby's TeethBy age 2-1/2, most children have all 20 of their baby or primary teeth. The second molars are the last to appear usually coming in between 20 and 30 months.Your child’s primary teeth are important for chewing, speaking, and your child’s smile. Primary teeth are also important for jaw growth. They hold a place for permanent teeth.Sixty percent of 3-year-olds have one or more cavities. One of the most important things you can do for your child’s smile is to take good care of your baby’s teeth – regular tooth brushing, a healthy diet, a minimum of sticky, sugary foods and regular visits to the dentist beginning at age 12-18 months.

Developmental milestones include:By 18 months:she 'talks' in her own babbling languageshe can point to objects when they're namedshe uses six or more wordsshe speaks a few single words and can ask for simple thingsshe responds when her name is calledshe enjoys singing, listening to music and being read toBy 2 years:she has 100 words in her vocabulary. Many of these words will be unclear but they will have meaningshe is beginning to join words together to form simple phrasesshe can say her own nameshe repeats the last part of sentencesSigns that suggest a developmental problem:By 18 months:She doesn't listen when you speak to herShe doesn't babble or use any words with meaningBy 2 years:She can't follow simple instructionsYou can't understand most of what she is sayingIf you have any concerns at any stage about your child's speech, talk to your local health practitioner who may refer your child to a speech pathologist for assessment.


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