0910 maria ros 6C

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0910 maria ros 6C

Before : When I was younger than now , I had crossbeam .Before I was brown clearly and waved hair and now I have got brown ,long and stright hair.I had 6 years in the photo. Now : I am 11 years old .Im intelligent and I have not ugly . My dream is swim with sharks and to travel by the world , Im brave,I have got green and big eyes , Im thin and fast.


This is Selena Gomez is my favorite famous .Before she was short bronw and strigth hair and now she is got long curly black hair.She is got brwon eyes . Thisis beautiful and very nice with her fans. she love singing and acting and she has its own film !!! before when she was younger than now she was a normal gril but now is a famous gril !!!!

This is my cousin Tamy .Before in the photo she has 4 years old and now is 21 years old is very intelligent is medicine student.She was rebellious but now is very nice.Before she was short blonde hair but now she is long brown hair.She is got brown eyes

This is Juan is the brother of Tamara is my cousin is handsome Before he was a little fat but now is very thing and very intelligebt he is 18 years old . Its birthday was the 17 of February he is love the music.he lives with hes family of Alicante .


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