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My mum was beautiful, young and very intelligent. She was very long and brown hair and the green eyes.

I was very young, handsome and smaller than now.I had blond and short hair and I was quit fat .

I'm young, handsome and bigger than before.I'm brown hair, but a little blond and a little long hair and I'm thin. .

Rafa was a little ugly,very young .He was blond hair and smal .

My mu,m is beautiful, very intelligent and good person,too. She was wife with my dad, but now is wife with

Rafa's quite strong, very ugly . He is brown hair and very bigger than before .


other man . She's blond hair and also long.She is green eyes.

Paulina Rubio is very beautiful and she sing very good. She's very long, curly and blond hair and the brown eyes.

Paulina was ugly and quite young.She was very long and blond hair and the brown eyes.


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