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0910 6c laurad greekgods



Hera was the queen of Gods. Hera was very beautiful and young. She was a jealous woman because her husband had lots of lovers. Her husband and brother was Zeus. Hera's parents were Titan Cronos and Titanica Rea . She had long, brown, ,straight hair. She had small, brown eyes.


Athena was god of intelligence .She was pragmatic. She was intelligent, realistic and very diplomatic. She had brillant, green eyes. She was craftswoman too. Athena's parents were Zeus and Metis.


Medusa had two sisters, Esteno and Euriale. She was very ugly. She had snakes on her hair and scales on her body. She had bronze hands and two gold wings . She was very evil too. Medusa's parents were Frocis and Ceto. Medusa's husband was Poseidon..


Eros was the god of love. His parents were Aphrodite and Ares. He was a winged child. . He threw arrows . He was young and nice. He was very happy ,too. He had brow eyes. He had brown , curly hair.


Apolo was the god of dance, arts, music and masculine beauty. He was educated , methodical and brave. He was very handsome and young too .Apolo'.s parents were Zeus and Latona . In the sky , his name was Febo. He didn't like crimes and darkness. Hera was jealous of his birth. He was the god of other things too. He loved lots of women.



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