0910-6c-Jose Andrés-Descriptions

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0910-6c-Jose Andrés-Descriptions

I'm Jose.I have black hair.My eyes are smalls and browms.I'm young, short and thin . I'm very happy and I like fishing and the animals.

I'm Jose.I had black hair.My eyes was browm.I was very very very young.I was happy.

Thi.s is my mum.She is Ana.She is very nice and beautiful .Her eyes are green .She is very intelillent,happy and brave .She is tall and she is a little fat.She likes eat and talk.

She is my mum when she was young. .She was thin, short, happy and fun..Her eyes was Green and Her hair is black,long and curly.

She is Silvia.She is very beautiful,thin, nice and brave.Her hair is black and short.She sings very good.She was of ot 2009

This is my dad when he was small..he was Jose Andres.He was very nice.His eyes was browm and his hair was black.He was handsome.He was short.

Jose's Descriptions

This is my dad now.He is Jose Andres .He is Short and fat .He has little hair and he has moustache.He is doctor.He doesn't like run ,but He likes swim!!!And he liked playing with his friends.

She was Silvia when She was young.She was ugly,brave and nice.She had black and straight hair.



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