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05.04 Collaboration Component

Knowing the 411 on CO

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide(CO) is a poisionious gas that is invincible by eye, tasteless and odorless.Carbon Monoxide is formed during the process of Burning Fossil Fuels. Fossil fuels include wood, coal, charcoal, and natural gases.High levels of CO are risk factors towards your body.

When CO builds up in enclosed, unventilated confinements, damage can be done towards your body and your health. In your body you have red blood cells and white blood cells along with other cells that help regulate your blood. The red blood cells pick up oxygen and monoxide but, the CO is regulated faster than the oxygen. If CO molecules out number oxygen molecules then your body starts to replace oxygen molecules with carbon monoxide molecules. Instead of the body transporting oxygen through the body, carbon monoxide is transported throughout the body. Due to the fact that our bodies need oxygen not carbon monoxide the carbon monoxide starts and continues to damage your organs. Damage done to your organs such as your heart and lungs will begin to damage. Continued exposure to this gas gradually worsens and continues to damage the body. Sign effects start off as similar flu symptoms that can lead to nausea, vomiting, loss of breathing, confusion, and possibly - death.

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How does Carbon Monoxide work and affect the body?

~Purchase a CO detector.~ Do NOT isolate burning fossil fuels~Ensure that any and every appliance in and about your household is installed correctly with correct ventilation instalation~Immediately follow neccesary safety procedures when CO is detected

How does a CO detector Work?

Household Dangers

A CO detector is a device used to identify life threatening levels of CO.This device requires a consistent power source. Due to the fact that Carbon Monoxide is tasteless, odorless, and naked to the human eye the CO detector will either pick up the produced current, or use a semi semiconductor sensor within the detector to generate an alarm. For proper installation be sure to read the manual. If power is shut off be sure to retest your detector.Do NOT ignore a CO detector. This detector is an alarm for Life threatening situations.


~ovens~vehicles~water heaters~lawn care items~fridges



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