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Albert Einstein: Today he is lendary and favoritized around the globe. Einstein well knwon for his famous equation: E=mc².Due to his Theory of Relativity he has changed modern phisics.

Jonas Salk : While Polio was threatening lives Jonas Salk was creating a vaccination. Mr. Salk was the man who transformed the nightmare of Polio into a rare occurance. The first polio vaccination was an injection which he later turned into a pill.

Marie Curie:As women scientist are not as popular as male scientist Marie Curie was an intruging. She made theories on radioactivity and discovered Radium.Today she still holds the place of the only woman to recieve multiple Noble Prizes and is encouraging futue female scientist.

Justification: I chose the order based on which people i thought were important andsignificantly important to me.I started with albert einstein because in my eyes Einstein is one of the most important people that brought great knowledge to our world. Next I put Jonas Salk. Considerring that Salk created a vaccination to a threatening diesease is truly remarkable. Marie Curie was my last pick. I believe that Marie Curie was a remarkable women scientist and a very intelligent woman too.



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