Reese And Uriel General George Patton Project.

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 Reese And Uriel General George Patton Project.

Who was George Patton?

General George S. Patton was a major general for the U.S. in World War 2!

What did he do during the war?

General George Patton served as a general for the north African and Sicily campaigns and for Normandy and Lorraine campaigns and for the battle of the Bulge.

What did he do for a living and where did he live?

He lives in San Gabriel Township, California and he wanted to become a general for the war and that is what he did for a living.

Was this person for the allies or the Axis powers?

He was a general for the Allies because the U.S. was for the Allied side.

How did they deal with the war?

He dealt with the war by being a major general for the United States and he also sent his troops into combat to win the campaigns and the war.

One of General Patton's worst mistakes is when we tried to rescue his POW's from the germans but failed miserably and only saved a few POW's. Also during this failed opperation he dropped a bomb on the prison.



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