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The Spanish American War

The Spanish and Cuban Relations Cuba was very mad at Spain, mainly because the Cubans were being put in these Concentration camps. The Cubans started fighting the Spanish. The Americans wanted to help, but they did not want to be in another war.

New American Territories The new American Territories allowed America to have better world trade. The territories gained were the Philipines, Guam, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

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Rough Riders and Buffalo Soldiers The Rough Riders were a volunteer cavalry unit. They were also called the First Volunteer Cavalry Regiment. The Rough Riders also fought with african-american soldiers that were in the 9th and 10th cavalries. These soldiers were called Buffalo Soldiers. John J. Pershing commanded the 10th cavalry at the Battle of San Juan Hill.

The Yellow Newspapers / The Maine Explodes The yellow newspapers were these newspaper companies that publicized subjects that they did not know like "Spain Made the Maine Explode With Secret Fire Machine" which caused Congress to go to war with Spain. The Maine was an American warship that was set on fire. Nobody knew who set it on fire but the yellow newspapers blamed Spain. This caused the start of the Spanish-American War.

Philipines Rebel The Filipinos had been fighting for freedom before the war even started when the Americans took over their land.Then a rebellion led by Emilio Aginaldo started attacking a nation that was alot stronger than theirs. 60000 Americans were fighting in the Philippines. and they were trying not to let the Philippines gt the rights the Americans had. this was the fisrt huge Asian war that the U.S. fought in. Within years 4000 Americans died and 20000 Filipinos died

War In Cuba There was lots of fighting in Cuba. The Rough Riders and Buffalo Soldiers helped to win the Battle of San Juan Hill. Spain was defeated quickly after that. Spain surrendered on August 12, 1898. Spain gave us lots of territory. The American losses were 5379 killed. 379 were killed in battle, 5000 were killed by sickness.

Victory in The Philippines American Forces in the Philippines needed captured all of the Spanish ruled islands. Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt put this plan into action. He first captured Manila, the main city in the Philippines. All of the other islands were soon to follow.


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