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"Scotland Abroad!" Create-a-Glog Task

You are a student who has recently been accepted into a study abroad program in Glasgow, Scotland. You will be traveling from Georgia to Scotland--a journey of nearly 4,000 miles--to learn about Scotland's history, its culture, and its contributions to the world.

Explore the "Scotland Abroad!" Glog to read and learn about various topics in Scottish history, landmarks, and culture. Remember: nearly everything is "clickable". Watch the video clips, listen to the sounds, and read for information to travel on your virtual study abroad trip. Use information you have learned to create your own Glog about Scotland's place in the world and what other readers could learn from your virtual study abroad experience. Consider the following when building your Glog: -What are some fascinating events in Scotland's history? Who are some of the important historical figures? -What are some important elements of Scottish culture? How does Scotland's actual culture compare or contrast with stereotypes--widespread beliefs--about what Americans think about Scottish culture? -What types of contributions in science, technology, philosophy, and politics have the Scottish people given to the entire world?



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