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The World

The whole world is approximately 195,000,000 square miles in area. Now that is a lot of space! Our world is the place we live and we must take good care of it. When you are walking and say you have some trash in your pocket and there is no trash can near by, YOU DONT JUST THROW IT! You simply put it in the trash can. It is not as hard as you may think it is to keep our planet clean and healthy. :)

& our environment.

Keep your environment clean! Dont Litter!!!

Ways to keep your your environment clean and healthy:

Some simpke ways to keep your planet clean are: -reduce -reuse -recycle -pick up trash -plant trees -reduce the amount of pollution you are putting in your environment. (you carbon footprint.) As you can see there is a lot of ways you can help the planet.

I know what your thinking: Yeah, I would do all this stuff to help my planet.... its just, they sound kinda boring. Right? But they dont have to be! There are tons of fun ways to help keep your planet clean. Like these: -Get together with your friends and family and start an organization that helps the planet -Plant trees with your friend (trust me its fun!) -make a bake sale or some kind of fun fundraiser to raise money for your local park, or neighborhood. -

Fun ways to help your environment!


One way to help reduce energy in your house is: to get solar panels to put on your roof. They use the sun's power, instead of burning coal and putting bad pollution chemicals into the environment.

Modern technology Owes ecology An apology. ~Alan M. Eddison

Go Green!!

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