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What will you be doing:

For this assignment you will be creating your own glog about the causes, effects and people involved in the reform movements. You will make a poster that not only demonstrates your understaning of the reform movements, but one that can also be used as an educational tool in Ms. Johnson's 3rd and 4th grade library classes.

Link to Frederick Douglass' Path to Freedom

THESIS STATEMENT: You must include a thesis statement that states the three movements you covered. Example: Reform movements brought about significant change, they gave women the right to vote, African Americans the right to be free and changed the world in ways no one expected.


Use frames and stickers to make links or photos stand out!

Glogs are an interesting way to create and share information on an interactive poster. Click here to search for more information on your topics.

Keep in mind some themes are more appropriate than others. Hot pink hearts to describe the Abolitionist Movement? I don't think so!

What will your GLOG include? Abolitionist Movement Women's Rights Movement Your choice of one of the following: a. Education Reform b. Immigration c. Prison Reform d. Labor Movements e. Mentally Ill Reform Movements

Your GLOG will also include: --- A thesis statement. ---A total of at least 3 pictures. --At least one picture of the leader(s) of each movement. --You must link the pictures to age appropriate websites that include factual information. ---At least one link to a video for one of the movements you are covering.

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