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The Greeks had a rich cultural tradition of sculpture, literature, and theatre. Plays were performed in amphitheatres like this.

The Ancient Greeks were game-changers in the field of mathematics. They borrowed the geometry of the pyramid from the Egyptians and turned it on its side. Literally. The Greeks' saw the TRIANGLE as the key to geometric understanding. This working in 2 dimensions became known as PLANE GEOMETRY. Later, the Greeks determined the earth was a sphere, and with it came the development of SPHERICAL GEOMETRY. It is from this we get latitude and longitude on a globe.

The Gyroscope is a simple device called a GIMBAL.. A gimbal is a simple device that allows an object to rotate around an axis without moving its support. As you can see in this double-gimbal, the rings move but the disc remains level. The Greeks invented this and saw the applications in navigation, where it is hard to keep a fixed point when a ship is pitching and rolling.

The Greeks were technological innovators. Their situation made it so. They were world travelers, merchants, and sailors. Technology allowed them to travel farther, more efficiently, and at less cost.

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