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Song Writers: what they Believe

Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) - Cole Porter

"My Girl" - Smokey Robinson

"Biko" - Peter Gabriel

Cole Porter wrote a song in 1928. The song was called “Let’s Do It; Let’s Fall in Love.” This song illustrates his belief that life should be fun and full of love. He wrote it for the Broadway musical PARIS. The lyrics “educated fleas do it, Let’s do it, let’s fall in love” imply that he has a sense of humor. This implies he has a sense of humor because he uses words that at first represent a different idea that is more physical. The double entendre shows his belief that love is important. Lastly, he traveled the world. He spent time in both Paris and New York City. It would seem that he believes in enjoying life and the social scene.

A belief that Smokey Robinson has is that women should be loved and cherished. He is a song writer from the 1960s. The lyrics from the song “My Girl” are “I guess you'd say/ What can make me feel this way/ My girl (my girl, my girl)/ Talking 'bout my girl, my girl.” It is like all that makes him happy is his girlfriend. This is probably because his mother whom he loved very much died unexpectedly when Smokey was ten years old. Since then, he has always been writing about women and love.

Peter Gabriel, well-known artist of the 1980s, wrote the song biko on his album “shaking the tree.” The lyrics of this song help support the claim that Peter Gabriel believes in trying to inform others of wrong-doings and making a stand for justice. The lyrics “When I try to sleep at night/ I can only dream in red/ The outside world is black and white…You can blow out a candle/ But you can't blow out a fire/ Once the flames begin to catch/ The wind will blow it higher” discuss the problems in South Africa between white and black citizens where the black people are at great risk of death. He further states that while a candle can be blown out, a fire is harder to quiet. Gabriel is advocating that it not be just one person standing up for what he believes (a single candle) but a group which will cause a fire that can’t be stopped..

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