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Jennifer G.

I see stars At night In the bright Sky Where I wish Upon a shiny And yellow Star I’ve been looking At this star Every night And it has always Been there But one night I went outside To see my shiny star It was gone. That meant That I was lonely I couldn’t Wish On my shiny star I had wished On for so long One night When they were in the sky I looked up And saw my shiny star again. I love The stars When they shine Bright!

My favorite line in this poem is “To see my shiny star.” I liked this line because it reminds me of the first time I saw a shiny yellow star at night. It also reminds me of this song called “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

My favorite poem I wrote this year is “My Star.” My poem is about a bright star I saw at night. The first time I went camping and saw the stars at night, it made me think it wasn’t lonely and there was someone with me all night. This inspired me to write this poem.

The writing process was easy for me because the words were just popping out of my mind then I would start to type them like I was a machine. I wrote at least two drafts, and then the third one was the final one. To make my poem much better, I got the help of Mrs. Gates, others, and I read it a couple of times and fixed it.

This is my favorite poem because I feel that this poem speaks to me because the way I saw the bright stars flicker. It seemed to me it was talking to me saying it was there for me. This is based on personal experience because I was there when I saw it. It was my first time camping. When I saw the star, I realized I wasn’t alone. The elements that I liked that were in this poem were alliteration. For example, one was “shiny star.”