Language Arts Book Reports 

Make a copy [2015] Nikki Lam: The Breadwinner

[2015] Nikki Lam: The Breadwinner by oakest22

Language Arts Reading Comprehension 

Make a copy Comparison-Contrast Project: Soldier Boys

Comparison-Contrast Project: Soldier Boys by derekmiller2019

Science Physics 

Make a copy 1st Semester Review

1st Semester Review by mhernandez222

Science Zoology 

Make a copy Greenland Shark

Greenland Shark by megansps

Social Studies Geography 

Make a copy The Kanatinney Mountains

The Kanatinney Mountains by rosalifrieri

Personal Leisure 

Make a copy How to ace an audition

How to ace an audition by broadwaybaby23

Personal Leisure 

Make a copy Annie- Spring play

Annie- Spring play by calitrey3