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Youth and Workplace Injuries Advertisement

-Only 23% of young workers in their first year of their jobs--aged 15 to 25--reported that they received training,while a whopping 46% reported that they did not. This lack of training often lead to youth workplace injuries, or even death.

-According to a Canadian Health Survey, adolescents and young workers are twice as more likely to sustain a work injury than adults

-In 2008, more than 39,000 young workers were injured on the job in Ontario.

-A U.S. study revealed that more than 80% percent of work related injuries among adolescents occured under the absence of a supervisor on the worksite.

To prevent such tragedies occuring to yourself as well, it is imperative that you do the following: ask questions to your employer/supervisor if you are uncertain about anything, know your health safety rights and responsibilities, ask to be trained about safe work procedures and how to recognize on-the-job-hazards, and follow safe procedures and encourage others to do so as well.


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