Yellow Star

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Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy

Short summary Yellow Star is about the childhood of Syvia Perlmutter. Who was a jewish child living in the Lodz ghetto during the Holocaust. Syvia lived there from age 4 to age 10. While living in the ghetto she was not aloud to go to school or outside. The Nazis would kill jewish people without reason. After more then six years of living in the ghetto she was one of 12 children to survive and walk out of the ghetto.

Characters:Sivia, Dora, Mom, and Dad were the characters in Yellow Star. The main character is Syvia.Syvia: She is a young shy girl. That is depressed because her friends are gone. She is very thin with dark hair. Dora: Is tall with dark hair. She is a sympathetic person.Mom: She is a very hardworker, kind, and caring. She is of average height, has dark hair, and is very thin.Dad: He is very tall and has dark hair. People in the ghetto look up to him and he is considered a leader among the Jews.

SettingMy setting takes place in Lodz, Poland during the Holocast. The Jews were imprisoned in a ghetto. There was a wired fence around it with massive armed guards. If the jews tried to leave they got shot at.

ThemeThe whole story revolves around Hitler and the Germans rounding up the jews and enslaving and or killing them. The Perlmutter family sticks together to overcome all there obstacles the faced against the nazi's. Their perservance paid off and their whole family came out of the Holocaust alive.

Who is this book for?This book is for people who are 12 and older. The content of the book is not for younger children. People who are interested in reading about a child's perspective on the Holocaust would enjoy this book. It is a very quick read as the entire story is in poem form.

Book Rating5*****(stars) Becaue it is a good book. I really enjoy it even thought it is sad. I think it is good book for people in our grade to read.



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